One Slice of My Life – Entry #7 : Thank God for Summer!

Published July 12, 2014 by Vida Caramela

I just can’t believe it. I just poured my heart and soul out for the last couple hours writing my thoughts, and just as I was about to publish, Safari unexpectedly quit on me. I’m still in shock, and I realize that I have not learned my lesson. I take so long between posts, that I forget that this has happened before. I forget that I promised myself that I will never do it again. I will never take a complete brain dump, and write for hours about everything I’ve been storing up for the last few months, but forget to save it periodically. I am devastated. What I don’t understand is why the entire document was lost (except for the title), when I completed the title after the article, and why the automatic updates that are saved (at least to my knowledge) do not seem to have occurred. Why was everything gone when I restored Safari?

Anyway, maybe someone out there has some answers for me. I’m done for now. Maybe tomorrow I will try to recreate what I did. I doubt it will be anywhere as good, but I’m sure going to try.


3 comments on “One Slice of My Life – Entry #7 : Thank God for Summer!

  • That’s horrible! I know, it’s happened to me before. If you go to edit this post, is there a section called “revisions” near the bottom of the editing page? If so, there may be something saved.

    • Thank you for your help. That was a great suggestion. Unfortunately, when I looked at the revisions, I did not find the original post. I did however find the first draft that I wrote after discovering that everything was lost. I lost that one too when I did a preview and then hit edit, and nothing appeared in the box again. Imagine my frustration at that point. So, the final draft, the one that you read was actually my third attempt at blogging today. Thank you for commenting. It made me feel better 🙂

      • You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help in some way. 🙂

        Sometimes I type my posts into a word processor or plain text editor first, so I have the copies saved locally, and also don’t have to worry about browser crashes.

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