One Slice of My Life – Entries 1-5

Published March 8, 2014 by Vida Caramela

IMG_0227(For those of you who’ve seen my blog before and checked out all of my pages, you’ve seen at least part of this one before, but it’s been updated recently, and I’ve decided to display all future updates in posts as well.)

I’m calling this new series “One Slice of My Life”. It’s all about me, and my personal struggle with bullying.

Get to know the person behind the posts as you read each portion of this, one, slice of my life.  Hope you like it :-)

  1. Getting my dukes up is a challenge, because it means always having to be alert, to plan ahead, and  to react quickly. None of this comes naturally to me. With effort, I’ve managed to “stay alert and plan ahead” pretty well, but I’m still not sure how to get the “react quickly” piece going. (Apr. 2013)
  2. On the positive side, things do seem to be getting better for me in my own personal struggle with bullying. Where I lack swiftness, I think I make up for it with determination. (May. 2013)
  3. It’s been almost 8 months since the shark lady at my job has shown any form of aggression towards me. Finally I can say for certain that the bully that plagued me for nearly seven months is no longer on my back.  I attribute it mostly to a miracle from God (I’ll tell you that story another time), and partly to the fight I put up by following all of the advice I posted in my blog. Yes, I was my own guinea pig, and I didn’t just survive the experiment, I triumphed. (Jan. 2014)
  4. I don’t consider myself a shark slayer, a title used in the movie Shark Tale, because the shark still lives, and she is still sinking her teeth into my coworkers each and every day. She’s just not sinking them into me — for now. I will never put my guard down. I will keep my dukes up at all times (Feb. 2014)
  5. Now that the shark is off my tail, regrettably I find myself in an equally vexatious circumstance that, once again, involves the “B-word”, and I’m not only talking about the word “bully”. This time, instead of a shark I’m up against a school of nasty piranha, a small group of women at my job, who have chosen to harass me. They mistook my smile and courteous manner for weakness, and began an insidious attack. This clan of grown up mean girls makes open remarks about my appearance as I pass them in the mornings. They watch me throughout the day to find something that they can use to get the shark back on my case. I didn’t want to appear overly sensitive, so I ignored their behavior for two months, and finally, one week ago, they went too far. They lodged a formal complaint against me for wearing a visible bandage. They told my supervisor that I was a risk to others because I was bleeding all over the place. When the supervisor came to investigate, he could clearly see that they had lied. I filed a formal complaint with the powers that be, and I am prepared to do whatever it takes to discourage any future such encounters.(Feb. 2014)

2 comments on “One Slice of My Life – Entries 1-5

  • I’m sorry you’re going through this. It’s just miserable that people behave like this in the workplace. I’m glad to see you’ve found ways to not let yourself be a target. Sometimes that stops it; sometimes not, but at least you stand up!

    If your workplace now has even the lower level piranhas acting out, it must be truly toxic. I hope you are also taking the time to find a better position elsewhere if you can do so. It does not sound as though this place is salvageable, sad to say.

  • Thank you for your kind sentiments. You are right on the mark about the level of toxicity at my place of work. At one point, I was almost certain that it was time for me to leave, and I started to update my resume and look for a way out, but some miraculous events took place and I am amazed every day at the way these same individuals who were persecuting me are now treating me like I am “golden”. The incident with the piranhas seems to have been the final test for me. It seems like I gained some added respect when I stood up to them. What bothers me is that my boss and her minions are still persecuting some of my colleagues with the same resolve and intensity that they were dishing out last year to me and some of my other colleagues who are no longer there (4 of them were forced out and two left on their own). This year there are about 4-5 more people on the hit list. For now, at least, I don’t seem to be one of them. For now, I am in the tank with these killers and I am not only surviving, but I’m getting the opportunity to mend, and fortify myself, to support those who are now going through it. On top of that, I get to be part of the underground resistance which fights to keep some measure of accountability in place. It’s always harder for evil people to do their dirty deeds when there are still people around who have the integrity and the courage to expose them. Viva La Resistance!

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