Published April 13, 2013 by Vida Caramela
English: the picture consist of articles on bu...

English: the picture consist of articles on bullying, I obtained it from public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Real change, requires real action. Laws, codes of conduct and consequences that make it difficult for bullies to to torment their targets indiscriminately are crucial factors in the fight to eradicate bullying. Legislation must be updated to address the latest forms of bullying that have arisen from our growing use of the internet as a social networking tool. Cyberbullying has become a huge problem today, and the laws for addressing it have not been firmly established. Bullying in the workplace has also been overlooked as far as legislation goes. We need our leaders, and local politicians , to acknowledge that there is a crisis, and to take the necessary measures to fix it. Recently, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed into law new rules designed to protect children against cyberbullying.  The law, which takes effect next year, will require school officials to investigate complaints of bullying that happen online and to respond in ways to prevent acts of bullying from recurring. In addition, Jamie Isaacs, founder of the Jamie Issacs Foundation for Anti-Bullying, Inc., has worked with New York State Senator Jeffrey Klein to help pass a criminal component of currently existing New York State harassment legislation. New York is not alone in its actions to combat cyberbullying. Anti-bullying legislation is cropping up all over the nation.  If bullies are forced to answer for their behaviors, and if they find that the consequences for bullying outweigh the pleasure they derive from hurting others, they will be forced to find other, less destructive ways of dealing with people.  Perhaps, the thought of being fined, fired, reprimanded, or prosecuted might give them pause. And if it doesn’t, maybe the new laws and measures will furnish the targets with a sense of empowerment, and give anyone who wishes to “stand  up against bullying,” the legs to stand on.


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